Your partner for authentic dubbing

We're professionals with years of experience in the field of localization and voice recording. We create the dubbing, audio description and subtitles for your film, series or documentary.


Localization management

We support you getting your production localized for the German or English speaking audience.

Voice talent management

We cast for authentic voice talents for best matching the original.

Voice recording

We manage the voice recordings of your dubbing, ADR or audio description.

Dialogue adaptation

We create a close to the original dialogue adaptation with natural local language.

Editing & mixing

We edit and mix the audio version to let it sound like the original.


German Dubbing





Konstantin Krug

Managing Director

Gabi Krug

Head of Production

Ingo Weber

Talent Manager

Antonia Plachta

Production Assistant


Together with our partner DubbingPlus, we scout and cast for authentic voices that matches with the original actors voices. We’re not only looking for  suitable voices, but also actively promote more diversity in the cast.

You would like to apply as a voice actor or would like to become one? Then get in touch with Ingo of DubbingPlus and send some warm greetings.


Let us know how we can support your project.