Management and Coordination

Production documents


of dubbing projects


of qualified personnel and studios


of dubbing projects

Menura Media offers you support in the following areas of foreign language dubbing:

Production Management

Planning, procurement of personnel and studio, coordination

Production documents

KNP and FN lists, casting lists, dubbing reports

Linear translation

Translation of original texts


Subtitles, inserts, dub cards

Voice recording

Lip-synchronisation, voice-over, audio description

Audio editing

Speech sync editing, M&E check


Mixed formats for streaming, cinema and TV

Dialog book

Dialog lists, as recorded scripts, table of contents, glossaries


Master file formats for streaming, cinema and TV

Why Menura Media?

In the course of digitalization and the development of the video-on-demand market, the art of dubbing has also undergone profound changes. Today, unique TV series and films, streaming services and their day-and-date strategies, as well as closer integration with post-production, require a flexible approach. In order to meet these requirements, we pursue the approach of creating the greatest possible creative freedom in a fast-moving age by means of a more flexible working environment.

Menura Media supports you in the creation of language versions of foreign language films, series and documentaries in the segments lip-synchronous dubbing and voice-over. We work in partnership with established technical and creative service providers from the dubbing and post-production industry. In this way we can individually respond to the creative, technical and economic needs of your product and ensure optimal implementation.


Konstantin Krug

Dubbing Manager / Managing Director

Gabi Krug

Dubbing Manager

Antonia Plachta

Dubbing Assistant